Why Should You Buy High Quality French Bulldogs?



The origin of French bulldogs came from England as mini English Bulldogs. During the late eighteen hundreds, most French dog breeders would transfer some of their dogs to Britain and crossed breed them with French Terriers. France are known to had fondness of these breed of dogs which are now known as the “French Bulldog”. The bulldog was known to be a symbol of the English culture, so when the breed came back to Great Britain, it had made issues and conflicts.


There would be a lot of similarities of the English Bulldogs and the French Bulldogs but their sizes would be different. These mini French Bulldogs would have long and erect bat-like ears. They also have a well-built muzzle and their noses would be similar to that of a Pug. Their heads are square-like but it would not be as big compared to the English Bulldogs. You would also notice their foreheads are rounded. These French Bulldogs have wider shoulders than their backs and they would be also pear-shaped. They have soft and short hair that would come in various colors like fawn, brindle, white or a mix of all three. They most likely have under-bites and huge dark eyes.


These French Bulldogs from poeticfrenchbulldogs.com are one of the best companions you could have. They are sweet and fun to play with. They have good and funny personalities and love to mess around. These French Bulldogs would get along well with other animals and people but often to have a strong relationship with one person. French Bulldogs will not be living their life happily if they are ignored or living without any companion. Never in any circumstances should you purchase a dog and simply ignoring your duties especially when taking caring of him/her properly. They love being with people and enjoy being with them.


If you have the patience, they can be trained easily but do not use jerking or hitting as a training technique. As a reward for showing good behavior, you can give them a verbal praises and treats. When using treats as a reward, be sure to not give to much of it because they can easily gain weight.  For more info about French bulldogs, visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/French_Bulldog.


French bulldogs puppies are usually for sale. Before buying a French bulldog puppy in the market, be sure to know what food should you give them and what common health issues and problems they have.  French Bulldogs cannot learn to swim because of the way they are built. Check out the french bulldog puppy for sale.


These French Bulldogs are sensitive to high or low temperatures. If they are in high temperature conditions, they would most likely get a heat stroke. It is a good idea to keep them in a cool temperature. They usually are active indoors, so it is not that important having a yard. As a good dog owner or breeder, it is always best to know what your duties and responsibilities are, especially when supplying them with proper food and training.


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